Support for Refugees In Dimitrovgrad, Serbia

Our Mission

Thousands of people are still on their way to Western Europe. Many of them are travelling through the Balkan countries, and are in urgent need of help. “I’m Human Organization (iHo)” is supporting refugees upon their arrival to Serbia. This work is only possible with the help of many volunteers and the donated time, goods and money of many friends and supporters all over the world. On this site, you can find out more about our work, our mission and how you can take part to support us.

Safe Passage To Europe

In 2015 and 2016 thousands of people have been on their way to Europe, escaping the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are fleeing from the armed conflicts, political persecution and different life endangering circumstances. Whatever the reason they had to leave their homecountries, all of them have the universal right of seeking protection. Still, there are no legal ways to enter into the European Union, so they are forced to pay horrendous amounts of money for a passage where they are risking their lives.

Our Story

We are a small NGO, that was just founded in 2015. We depend to 100% on volunteer work and donations. Our volunteers come from all over the world, to support the refugees here in Serbia. If you want to find out more about the story of iHo, click here:


Human Rights Work

Many people who are passing Dimitrovgrad, where the work of iHo was focused in the moment, suffered Human Right abuses. The situation of the refugees at the turkish-bulgarian and the bulgarian-serbian border is more than critical. In december 2015 Amnesty International published another REPORT about the unacceptable violations of Human Rights in Bulgaria. We consider that collecting evidences of such violations in form of interviews, pictures and reports is also one of our tasks.

Fundraise For Our Work


The arriving refugees to Serbia, have mostly been walking for several days since they left Bulgaria. Now it is winter, temperatures are beyond zero and many of them have to walk through the deep snow. Some of the arriving refugees are suffering from hypothermia, which can be dangerous to life. Please help us to collect enough money to provide all the refugees with emergency blankets and warm clothes, so that nobody has to risk their lives.


Many of the refugees arriving to Serbia are in a very bad physical and mental condition. They have been walking for days in the cold, wearing wet clothes and broken shoes. Please help us providing everybody with warm and dry feet.


iHo is currently cooperating with a number of local and international agencies working with refugees and migrants in Serbia. This type of cooperation enables us to referdifferent issues and offer effective assistance to those seeking medical, psychosocial or legal assistance while on their way through Serbia. iHo also offers volunteering opportunities for those willing to help with the migration crisis in Serbia. For more info please use.

Serbia country overview

Serbia currently hosts 4,200 refugees/migrants in Refugees Centers managed by the government agency Commissariat for IDPs, Refugees and Migration. However, the number of those who are not able to receive accommodation or meet their basic needs is growing as new arrivals are registered on daily basis. Their situation can mildly be described as vulnerable and it is our goal to assist the current efforts of all stakeholders to effectively respond to such challenge.

Belgrade Public parking garage, September 2016


Syrian family on the highway E75 close to Sid, September 2016