© Emily Macinnes
© Emily Macinnes

I’m Human Organization (IHO) is a non-profit organization based in Serbia. Our main goal is to support and assist refugees and migrants in Serbia preserving their human dignity and providing basic protection.


iHo was founded in summer 2015 in Zaječar, Serbia to support migrants upontheir arrival from Bulgaria. Because of the rapid changes of migration routes, Dimitrovgrad had appeared to be the most urgent Border Crossing at the Serbian-Bulgarian border, where refugees and migrants were facing harsh and inhuman conditions during the winter 2015/2016.  iHo focused all its efforts to respond to these circumstances. Throughout the winter we were able to assist over 25 000 people in Eastern Serbia and another 10 000 in the North, border crossing Kelebija. Through its work iHo distributed over 80 000 food parcels and more than 2 tons of fruits to the refugees and migrants.


This volume of work would not have been possible without an extensive support and commitment by our international volunteers. There were 1 200 volunteers committing their time, energy and enthusiasm contributing to the iHo efforts under harsh conditions and challenging circumstances arriving from Germany, Italy, US, Poland, UK, Switzerland – to name a few.  They have made a tremendous impact on the lives of refugees and migrants at the most difficult times and made all the difference for the effectiveness of the iHo work in Serbia.


After the implementation of activities in the East Serbia ceased, we were able to shift our presence to a growing emergency situation taking place in the North when Hungary started to accept legal crossings of refugees and migrants. iHo opened a community center close to the Kelebija border crossing with Hungary, where refugees and migrants were able to charge mobile phones, use free WiFi and receive humanitarian aid from iHo and all NGOs and agencies operating in the area. Thanks to the funds raised iHo was able to respond to different needs such as food, clothes, general and legal counseling and immediate psycho-social support.


As iHo is a young and growing organization it relies mainly on private donations, volunteer work and project funding. Therefore, iHo has developed a network of international volunteers and it makes a continuous effort in fund raising with major international foundations and private donors.


For any further details pertaining to donations and volunteering opportunities please contacts us via our web site www.iHo.org.uk or email info@iho.org.uk.