October 2016

According to the latest figures the number of refugees is growing. They arrive to Serbia using illegal channels from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kosovo. The number of newcomers cannot be exactly determined but according to the available data is between 50 and 100 persons daily. On the other hand only 30 legal crossings are possible to Hungary, which is the only way for the refugees to leave Serbia and continue their way to Europe. Such circumstances in addition to the current figure of close to 7,000 refugees stranded in Serbia mark a clear need for more assistance directly and structurally to the migration management process in Serbia. Therefore, iHo is preparing a number of small and medium size projects to respond directly to the growing need of the refugees and migrants in Serbia. We are fundraising through our private channels and approaching bigger donors as well. However, any assistance and a word spread is welcome so we hope you can help us in this endeavor!

January 2016 – Statistics Report

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IHO statistics report for the month of Jan 2016

Dimitrovgrad, Serbia

Comparing wih the last month, the number of people who crossed the Bulgarian-Serbian borders dropped around 30%, weather is the main reason behind it,
for first 2 weeks of Jan temprature was down to -24 with an average of 40 people ( total of 559 ) and numbers incraesed to be 139 as an average for the last 13 days.

60% from ‪#‎Afghanistan‬ mostly from Kabul and Jalal Abad / 40% from Iraq mostly from Mosel and Zakhor, 6 Syrians only from Aleppo.

Percentage of women and kids increased to 38% together, 13 Pregnant women, more than 380 kids and 19 babies.

The hardest part of the day was on their arrival, when we first meet them, shivering in wet clothes, lost in cold and fear, and we got less than 10 minutes to deliver urgent help and assistance to them before they stand in a line for the inspection before going inside the camp and get ready for the registration.

We heard many stories, Afghanis who paid 4000$ only for a visa to fly from Kabul to Tehran avoiding the highest mountain, people who lost their families on the way, people who had to bury brothers and sisters in the forests, groups got caought and robbed by either individuals or police in Bulgaria.

Those who fleed from Iraq, Yazidis running away from ‪#‎ISIS‬ or political persecutions.

Teachers, engineers, famous football players and singers, students and kids seeking only a new and promising peaceful life.

As a part of our mission, and to keep groups and families connected and travelling together, iHo have supported and paid bus & train tickets for more than 100 of them who arrived here with out any money left after being victims of traffickers and taxi drivers.

While we are taking care of the Humantarian side, we still provide our friends with the important information and routes updates, most of them being disconnected and wondering where and how to go next, this part of communications is very important to make them feel safe and secured, big maps with landmarks, human rights and legal assistance, increasing the awareness and knowledge of how dangerous it is to get in touch and use smugglers.

We always receive Thank_you messages from our friends once they arrive to their destinations telling us how important and helpful is the information we provided them, putting us in touch with their families who are still on the way to Dimitrovgrad to meet them too.



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