© Emily Macinnes
© Emily Macinnes

We are a very young organisation and also only consisting of volunteers, and therefore always in need of people who would like to support our work such as volunteering for us, joining the team or donating money or valuables for the refugees. If you want to donate some money for our work, so that we can continue to afford buying the needed food and supplies for the refugees, we would be very pleased. You can either transfer money to the organisation’s bank account, or use one of our fundraising campaigns. If you need a contribution receipt for your donations please feel free to write us to:

Bank Account for International Currency Donations:

RS35265100000016247454 (IBAN)


The arriving refugees in Serbia, have mostly been walking for several days since they left Bulgaria. Now it is winter, temperatures are beyond zero and many of them have to walk through the deep snow. Some of the arriving refugees are suffering from hypothermia, which can be dangerous to life. Please help us to collect enough money to provide all the refugees with emergency blankets and warm clothes, so that nobody has to risk their lives.


Many of the refugees arriving in Serbia are in a very bad physical and mental condition. They have been walking for days in the cold, wearing wet clothes and broken shoes. Please help us providing everybody ith warm and dry feet.