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Welcome to our Volunteer page!

If you want to Volunteer with IHO in Dimitrovgrad, you are very welcome to join our team!
We do not always need volunteers, but mostly we are in need of people who support our work, and without all the people who participated in the past this project would have never been possible. You don’t need any special skills to participate in our work, but of course we appreciate if you bring some extra language or medical skills or if you already collected experiences in another camp. Also we are very happy to welcome people with own migration biography to join our team.

Please notice:  There is no official registration needed in advance.  Please just contact our coordinator/s on-site in advance, and tell them when you want to come, how long you want to stay, how many people you bring and if you bring money or other donations with you:


+381 62 8954577


We provide a house for our volunteers who are staying with us. The house includes a kitchen, bathroom and three to four differents dorms where people can sleep. For the house we ask for a daily contribution for the rent, the water and electricity bills and other necessaries. We suggest 5€ per night and person.  We have enough beds and mattresses for everybody, so you wont really need to bring your own. We have some blankets, but not enough so it would be great if you can bring your own sleeping bag.


If you want to enter a big amount of donations into serbia, you will have to deal with the serbian customs. If you want to bring any donations with custom declarations to Dimitrovgrad, please tell us in advance as there is further paper work that has to be done in this case here with the local custom office.

How to get there

Our current project is based at the registration camp in Dimitrovgrad (Serbia). We have a volunteer house, nearby in town, where our staff and volunteers are living. The adress is:

Balkanska 140,

Dimitrovgrad (Serbia)


A map of the area you can find here

About the Project

Here you can find general information about Dimitrovgrad,  the conditions of refugees arriving here, their travel through Turkey and Bulgaria and our work to support and empower them.